Interesting trivia about the entertainment industry

Interesting trivia about the entertainment industry

Blue Ink: Interesting trivia about the entertainment industry

As a growing industry, the entertainment circle continues to make developments and changes over time. It always has something exciting going on like celebrity marriages, new movies and trending songs. But behind all of that, there is interesting trivia about the industry that many people don’t know of. Uncover all of them here at Blue Ink:

  • Nigeria’s film industry is called Nollywood

Similar to Hollywood in the United States, the film industry in Nigeria is referred to as Nollywood. It was first used in 2002 by a journalist from the New York Times, Norimitsu Onishi, after he noticed the thriving film-making sector of Lagos, Nigeria. Most movies from Nollywood revolve around themes of love, marriage and conflicts between families, particularly with mothers-in-law.

All these films reflect the diverse culture of Nigeria along with the beautiful pieces of architecture all over the country. Notably, Nollywood is known as the third-largest film industry in the world following Hollywood and Bollywood.

  • 50 movies are produced in Nollywood every week

Interestingly enough, Nollywood produces around 50 different films every week resulting in a revenue of $590 million every year. Although this is not on the same level as big entertainment circles in other countries, this is still an impressive number by itself. It’s the largest industry in the country which employs over a million workers, following the agriculture sector.

  • Nigerians love upbeat music

Music is one of the most popular subfields in the entertainment industry of Nigeria. It comprises several genres such as Afrobeat, Shaku Shaku and Pon Pon that are popular across all ages. Most of them are upbeat and have a lively sound that is made from live instruments. For example, the afrobeat is a fusion of jazz, highlife and funk beats which is the most dominant genre in all of Nigerian music.

  • Nigerian musicians make more money on live gigs

Most Nigerian musicians earn more through performing and hosting live gigs. They also get a good paycheck from the constant mobile streaming of their songs. Moreover, they made their way into the international music scene as they collaborated with the biggest stars in the entertainment circle. Some of the most popular celebrities include Tiwa Savage and Mr Eazi who are not only famous in Nigeria but also in various parts of the globe.

  • Tinie Tempah’s parents are Nigerians

Tinie Tempah is a famous British rapper and singer that is known all over the United Kingdom. Although he was born in London, both his parents are Nigerian. They are of Igbo descent which is a population of people living in the southeastern part of Nigeria. Additionally, Tempah’s middle name is Chukwuemeka which means ‘God has done more’ in the Igbo language.

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