Beauty Entrepreneur Hajarah Jibril is solving critical life issues using Skin Therapy

Let’s talk about beauty! Beauty used to be in the eyes of the beholder but now it starts with the holderWhat am I trying to say? Looking good is good business and everyone wants to feel beautiful. The motivation to look good comes mostly from within oneself than outside self as self esteem for some people is tied to how they feel about their looks.

The African woman is naturally beautiful but the modern African woman won’t settle for just beautiful; she wants more! This is where beauty enhancement and care comes in. The need to look in a particular way, be addressed in a particular way, be perceived in a particular way, or be known for a particular feature all constitute valid motivations to look good.

However, Hajarah Wuraola Jibril- CEO Bella Nucci Therapy- in an exclusive interview with said the misconception some people have about skin therapy has made it nearly impossible for some others to yield to their beauty desires without being tagged in a negative way. In this interview, she explains the difference between skin therapy and skin bleaching among other things.

Things you need to know about Hajarah Wuraola Jibril

“I lost my dad at a very young age and I grew up with my mum and siblings in FCT. I am the last of five children and a graduate of law from the University of Abuja. I am a serial entrepreneur who has acquired skills in catering, fashion design, make up, interior design and beauty. I own Nucci Global Enterprises, which is a group of companies ranging from salon, spa, to boutique and very soon other chains of related companies. Bella Nucci Therapy is a part of Nucci Global Enterprises.”