We recently crashed a top yuroba society wedding. OMG! Ok where do i start from? Ermm….have you ever attended a yuroba society wedding? Ever? #bif2016 was a typical yoruba society wedding. The wedding reception was at the prestigious ICC Abuja and was strictly on invitation. Gaining access into ICC wasn’t the main issue but access into the reception was where the real problem lies. There was two levels of security at the entrance. The first security layer will require you to show your IV before they can let you pass while the second and final security will have to collect your IV from you before you finally gain access into the hall. Couples were allowed to go in with one IV but for most guests, they were required to produce individual IVs. It’s understandable what the security guys were doing because Nigerian wedding guests know how to bring along extra persons when given an IV. That is our lifestyle. So expectedly some people were turned back and some tried beating security but those guys were up to the task. I commend them because managing those thousands of guests who were mostly yorubas wasn’t easy. If you know what i mean.

Entering the hall you’ll behold one of the most beautiful wedding docor ever seen in this part of the world. @bluevelvetmarquee did an awesome job transforming ICC into an Eldorado and the cake by @cherluxurydecor was just top notch. The high point of the decor was the circular crystals curtain cascading down from the roof of the hall. While guests were settling in @Shynenigeria band was busy serenading them with timeless classic as the small chops was going round.

The color of the day was green. So many green color was seen when the parents of the couple danced in. At a point the entire place looked like a green forest of human beings. Not sure green was the best color to go with. Finally the couple were ushered in accompanied by Adelunle Gold and more green wearing asoebis preceded them but thank goodness for the bridal train that in came in their long flowing asymmetrical white gown. They were a lovely site to behold. A beautiful departure from the spirit dulling green. They practically saved the day.

Seeing the couple and the train dance in you could easily tell the groom was the jaiye jaiye type unlike the bride. This naturally made him seem happier of the two. The groom’s best man later described him as silly guy which all the groom’s men agreed with. But i guess the bride’s calmer persona dilutes his silliness which in my opening was a perfect combo.

Finally they got to the crytal rain shower curtain and were given space to dance With Adekunle Gold still performing. Many of the photographers at the event didn’t find the crystal curtain thing funny. In their opinion it was preventing them from getting good shots. If only they saw the beauty in it. By the way the performance of Adekunle who was supposed to be a surprise present from the couple’s parents wasn’t the best we’ve seen of him. I don’t know if it was him or the crowd but trust me, i’ve seen better performances from him at other weddings.

A wedding cant’s be complete without item 7 so expectedly, for a large wedding like this, there was more than one food vendor but Biobak Kitchen was the main food vendor. Something interesting happened between Biobak and a relative of the couple. While the relative wanted Biobak to be serving the food as they were dished, Biobak insisted on dishing a minimum of 300 plates before they start serving guests. This did not go down well with this particular relative who felt the guests’ food was delayed un-necessarily but i guess Biobak that has handled big weddings in the past had their reason. Anyway that didn’t stop the guests from enjoying the food when it was eventually served. I also often wonder why amala and ewedu always remain a special delicacy at yuroba weddings reserved for a privileged few.

Then there was the after party which began after most of the elderly ones had left. That was when milk shake by @jennyssweeteats , chops by @newtonmobilecafe , shisha by @smokes_n_pipes , vodka and Hennessey by groom’s friends was served. Bottom line is the wedding was money well spent and all the vendors did exceeding well especially the event planner @exquisite_events_abuja who was able to manage such a huge wedding. But if there is anybody that should make a refund, it has to be the confetti guy. I don’t even understand what he did. By the way @KennyBlaq the MC was outstanding. Will love to see him again at another wedding.

Words by E Emmanuel

Enjoy the amateur video we made with infinix Zero 3 as we look forward to the next event to crash.


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