SNACKSKAATHI ROLL - CHICKEN ( shredded boneless chicken grilled over charcoal, rolled in freshly baked nan with capsicum, fresh crunchy vegetables, chilli to taste and india spices )1800
SNACKSKAATHI ROLL - LAMB ( succulent shredded boneless lamb, grilled over charcoal, rolled in freshly baked nan with capsicum, fresh crunchy vegetables, chilli to taste and india spices )1800
DESSERTChocolate mousse1200
DESSERTSelection of ice creams800
DESSERTFresh fruit salad850
DESSERTIce cream on a bed of diced fruits in season1200
APPETIZERSVegetable samosa ( pastery case filled with curried vegetables, broken peanuts, deep fried served, served with chilli and mint sauce )950
APPETIZERSMEAT SAMOSA ( Pastry cases filled with curried beef mince, deep fried , served with chilli and tamarind sauce )950
APPETIZERSALOO TIKKI ( potato and herb cakes, pan fried, served with mint tamarind chutney )950
APPETIZERSBUFFALO WINGS ( half a dozen jumbo wings marinated in Nigerian chilli and traditional herbs roasted and served with yogurt mint or blue cheese sauce )1950
APPETIZERSSEAFOOD SOUP ( diced seafood in clear vegetable broth served with freshly baked baby nan )1600
APPETIZERSCREAM OF TOMATO SOUP ( served with home made crouton and freshly baked baby nan )1000
APPETIZERSSPICY CHICKEN TIKKI ( curried chicken and potato croquette )950
APPETIZERSDEEP FRIED ONION RINGS ( batter fried served with chili and tamarind sauce )950
APPETIZERSCRUMBED KING PRAWNS ( half a dozen king prawns marinated in lime and chilli, deep fried, served with chilli mayonnaise )2950
APPETIZERSTANDOORI WINGS ( Dozen wings marinated in traditional tandoor spices and roasted, served with yogurt mint sauce ) 1950
APPETIZERSKEEMA NAN INDIA BREAD ( Herbed minced lamb spread in nan bread fresh from tandoori )1000
APPETIZERSCHEESE NAN ( Homa made cottage cheese and potato filling stuffed in nan fresh from tandoori )1000
FROM THE CLAY OVENTANDOORI CHICKEN ( Half a chicken marinated in traditional india spices and roasted over charcoal )2700
FROM THE CLAY OVENMURGH MALAI ( Boneless chicken marinated in fresh cream, india spices and cheese )2700
FROM THE CLAY OVENMURGH TIKKA ( boneless chicken nugget in rich pepper marinade )2700
FROM THE CLAY OVENHURGH KALIMIRCH TIKKA ( Boneless chicken marinated in distinctive flavor of black pepper corn and roasted over charcoal )2700
FROM THE CLAY OVENGRILLED LAMB RIBS ( ribs marinated in lime, yogurt and india spice, roasted over charcoal )2700
FROM THE CLAY OVENTANDOORI LAMB SHOULDER ( Whole shoulder of lamb slow cooked with spices and roasted over charcoal ) 2700
FROM THE CLAY OVENSEEKH KEBAB ( marinated minced lamb, rolled onto skewers and roasted )2700
FROM THE CLAY OVENGRILLED LAMB CHOPS ( lamb cutlets marinated in garlic and crushed black pepper )2950
SEA FOODGRILLED WHOLE SOLE ( whole sole marinated in fresh lime ad spices and grilled )3000
SEA FOODLASUNI MACHI ( succulent pieces of giwan ruwa flavored with crushed garlic and fresh cream )3300
SEA FOODAJWANI FISH TIKKA ( Filet of giwan ruwa flavored with thyme seeds and traditional indian spices )3300
SEA FOODPRAWNS MOILEE ( Jumbo prawns cooked with ginger, tomatoes, and coconut cream )6200
SEA FOODMEEN MOILEE ( filet of fresh water fish cooked with ginger, tomatoes and coconut )3300
SEA FOODTANDOORI JHINGA ( jumbo prawns marinated in fressh cream spices )6200
SEA FOODKHADAI PRAWNS ( king prawns stir fried with indian spices )3800
SEA FOODGRILLED KING PRAWNS ( King prawns marinated in lemon and turmeric , freshly grilled from our tandoor )3700
SEA FOODFRESH WHOLE FISH PEPPER SOUP ( Whole fresh fish tilapia or giwan ruwa ( nile perch )cooked on request in local spices.3200
SEA FOODGOAN FISH CURRY ( Traditional fish curry )3200
FROM THE SIMMERING POTPEPPERED SNAIL ( giant nigerian snails cooked in local spices )2900
FROM THE SIMMERING POTMURGH TIKKA MASALA ( char grilled chicken nuggets finished off in a tomato sauce )2700
FROM THE SIMMERING POTCHICKEN CURRY ( nuggets of chicken in curried cashew nut sauce )2700
FROM THE SIMMERING POTCHICKEN KHURCHAN ( Stir fried tandoori chicken ) 2700
FROM THE SIMMERING POTLAMB CURRY ( boneless lamb slow cooked in traditional curry spices )2700
FROM THE SIMMERING POTDAL GHOST ( Boneless lamb and split chick peas slow cooked in mild spices a delicacy from orissa )2700
FROM THE SIMMERING POTLAMB NIHARI ( leg of lamb slow cooked in clarified butter and select indian spices )2950
FROM THE SIMMERING POTBALTI GOSHT ( spicy minced mutton cooked in onions, tomatoes and fresh spices served in a mini wok )2700
FROM THE SIMMERING POTBEEF CURRY ( Traditional kerala beef curry )2700
FROM THE SIMMERING POTGHOST BIRIYANI ( boneless lamb and basmatic rice cooked in traditional curry spices )2700
FROM THE SIMMERING POTCHICKEN BIRIYANI ( boneless chicken and basmatic rice cooked in traditional curry spices )2700
VEGETARIANVEGETABLE JHAL FREZI ( mixed fresh vegetable, stir fried in a curry sauce )1900
VEGETARIANVEGETABLE BIRIYANI ( Mixed vegetables and basmatic rice cooked in traditional curry spices )1900
VEGETARIANLASOONI PALAK ( spinach with roasted garlic )1900
VEGETARIANPALAK PANEER ( indian spinach with cottage cheese )1900
VEGETARIANSUBZ MAKHANI ( mixed vegetable in tangy tomato, honey , and curry )1900
VEGETARIANGARLICKY DAL ( slow cooked yellow lentil flavored with garlic )1900
VEGETARIANDAL WAKKIS ( black lentil slow cooked and flavored with clarified butter )1900
VEGETARIANKHADAI PANEER ( Homemade cheese cooked in a tomato and fenugreek sauce )1900
VEGETARIANALOO CHOLE ( potatoes an chick peas flavored with tamarind and green chilli )1900
VEGETARIANCASHEW MATTAR ( cashewnut and green peas curry )1900
VEGETARIANPANEER DUM TIKKA ( homemade indian cheese grilled in the tandoori )1900
VEGETARIANALOO TANDOORI ( filled potatoes roasted over charcoal )1900
SALAD ( GREEN )AVOCADO & PRAWN SALAD ( avocado in lemon with steamed king prawns finished with olives dressing )2500
SALAD ( GREEN )TRADITIONAL GREEK SALAD ( freshly picked lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber with diced cheese and olives )1500
SALAD ( GREEN )TOSSED SALAD ( freshly tossed garden salad )1000
SALAD ( GREEN )ONIONS< TOMATOES & HERB SALAD ( slice of fresh red onions rings over tomatoes with herbs in season850