CHINESE MAIN COURSEChicken in chili sauce 2900
CHINESE MAIN COURSEPrawns in chili sauce3800
CHINESE MAIN COURSEBeef in chili sauce2700
CHINESE MAIN COURSEChicken in coconut sauce3000
CHINESE MAIN COURSEPrawns in garlic sauce3800
CHINESE MAIN COURSEChicken with cashew nuts2900
CHINESE MAIN COURSEShredded beef with green pepper2700
CHINESE MAIN COURSEFish in chili sauce3000
CHINESE MAIN COURSEFish in garlic sauce3000
CHINESE MAIN COURSEBeef in black beans sauce2700
CHINESE MAIN COURSESweet & sour Chicken sauce2900
CHINESE MAIN COURSEprawn sauce3700
CHINESE MAIN COURSEFried rice with shrimps1000
CHINESE MAIN COURSEEgg fried rice600
CHINESE MAIN COURSESpecial fried rice ( chicken / beef )1000
CHINESE MAIN COURSESingapore noodles with beef / chicken2200
THE GRILLLamb chops5800
THE GRILLT - bone steak6000
THE GRILLSirloin steak5800
THE GRILLRib eye steak5800
THE GRILLSalmon fillet6000
THE GRILLH & H Grilled fish3200
THE GRILLChicken fillet3000
THE GRILLGrilled prawns4500
THE GRILLGiwan ruwa fish fillet4000
THE GRILLBaby chicken2500
SALADSChicken caesar salad1900
SALADSTuna salad1800
SALADSFatush salad1500
SALADSAvocado chicken salad2000
MAIN COURSEChicken escalope2800
MAIN COURSESpaghetti bolognaise 2500
MAIN COURSEChicken alfredo pasta2500
MAIN COURSELouisiana chicken pasta2500
MAIN COURSEChicken kebab2700
MAIN COURSEFried whole fish ( croaker )4000
MAIN COURSECordon bleu3000
MAIN COURSEFried whole fish ( catfish ) 4000
EXTRASJollof rice700
EXTRASFried rice700
EXTRASMashed potatoes1000
DESSERTChocolate fondent ( with two scoops of ice cream vanilla / strawberry )1500
DESSERTIce cream scoop300
DESSERTPlain vanilla muffin600
DESSERTChocolate chip muffin600
DESSERTBanana split1000
DESSERTH & H Mahalabiya1000
SOUPSCream of chicken soup1200
SOUPSPeking soup800
SOUPSSea food soup1200
SOUPSChicken & sweet corn soup800
APPETIZERS Hummus with beef1200
APPETIZERS Beef samosa ( 4 pieces )1000
APPETIZERS Cheese rolls ( 2 pieces )1000
APPETIZERS Chicken spring rolls ( 2 pieces )1000
APPETIZERS Prawns spring rolls ( 2 pieces ) 1200
APPETIZERS H & H wings ( 6 pieces )1800
APPETIZERS Buffalo wings ( 6 pieces )1800
APPETIZERS Fried king butterfly prawns ( 2 pieces )2500