SALADSCOLESLAW ( shredded carrots, cabbage & chopped onions, in mayonnaise dressing )750
SALADSMIXED SALAD ( mixed vegetables, boiled egg, with a choice of balsamic vinegar, vinaigrette or salad cream )1500
SOUPSOfe owerri, okazi, vegetable, white soup, afang soup, banga soup, served with either 2000
SOUPSOgbonno, egusi,okro, bitterleaf, oha, served with either. 2000
MAIN COURSEJollot, fried, coconut, white, native rice, (beans on demand) served with either goat meat, beef, 2000
SALADSCHICKEN CESAR ( crunchy lettuces, tomatoes, chicken, boiled egg, & shaved Parmesan in mayonnaise dressing ). 2000
SALADSPOTATO SALAD ( diced boiled potato, boiled egg, onions mixed with parsley & mayonnaise )1000
CONTINENTAL SOUPSCream of chicken soup 1500
PEPPER SOUPBush meat / stock fish / snail 2000
CONTINENTAL SPECIALShredded chicken / Shredded beef / Chicken curry chicken casserole served with a choice of coconut , basmati rice or oriental rice, & fried plantains, with a side of mixed salad with french fries & hot pepper sauce 3000
CONTINENTAL SPECIALGRILLED JUMBO PAWNS ( 2 ) SERVED WITH TOMATO salsa & seasonal vegetables, to be served with the following of your choice. steamed potatoes, vegetable rice, steamed rice, 4000
CONTINENTAL SPECIALWHITE / VEGETABLE SPAGHETTI SERVED WITH EITHER Goat meat, beef, chicken, assorted ( intestine ). 2500
EXTRASEba, semovita, pounded yam, plantain flour wheat soup 500
AVOCADO PRAWN SALAD( Prawns, lettuce, tomato, avocadoes and cocktail dressing )2000
EXTRASGoat meat, beef, chicken, assorted intestine500
EXTRASFresh fish, cow tail, cow leg, cow tongue1000
EXTRASDry fish, stock fish, snail, bush meat2000
EXTRASFull portion plantain1000
EXTRASSide portion plantain300
EXTRASMoi - Moi300
CONTINENTAL SPECIALBush meat, dry fish, stock fish, snail, cow tail, cow leg, fresh fish, ice fish.3500
CONTINENTAL SPECIALCow tongue / local chicken. 3000
CONTINENTAL SPECIALShredded chicken.3500
CONTINENTAL SPECIAL( mashed potatoes, vegetarian couscous, spicy brown lentils with shrimp sauce and vegetable ).3500
PEPPER SOUPGoat / chicken / assorted meat2000
PEPPER SOUPFresh fish / ox tail / cow leg / cat fish2000
PEPPER SOUPIced fish / croaker fish / cow tongue2000
CONTINENTAL SOUPSMinestrone soup1500
CONTINENTAL SOUPSCream of mushroom soup1500
MAIN COURSEFresh fish, local chicken, cow tongue3000
MAIN COURSECow tail, cow leg, ice fish3500
MAIN COURSEBush meat, bush meat, stock fish, snail, dry fish / chicken / assorted intestine.2500
SOUPSGoat meat, beef, fresh fish, Local chicken, cow tongue.3000
SOUPSCow tail, cow leg, ice fish.3500
SOUPSBush meat, stock fish, snail, dry fish, chicken, assorted intestine2500
SOUPSGoat meat2000
SOUPSAssorted intestine2500
SOUPSFresh fish3000
SOUPSlocal chicken3500
SOUPSCow tongue3000
SOUPScow tail4000
SOUPScow leg3500
SOUPSice fish.1500
SOUPSBush meat1500
SOUPSstock fish1500
SOUPSdry fish1000
SOUPSunripened plantain1000
SOUPSYam porridge1000