BreakfastBig English / American Breakfast3200
BreakfastIrish Potato chips with vegetable omelet2500
BreakfastToast with scramble eggs / Sunny side up / Cheese / Boiled egg & butter2500
BreakfastFlat Pancake with maple syrup, chocolate sauce / whipped cream2000 / 2500
BreakfastSpanish omelet with multi grain brown bread & butter2500
BreakfastPlantain yam with kidney liver & sauce2500
BreakfastFrench toast2200
BreakfastMuselt with Homemade yogurt & Honey 1800
BreakfastWaffle with maple syrup, chocolate sauce , whipped cream 2000 / 2500
Light SnacksVictoria's Omelet with homemade yogurt 1000
Light SnacksToast sandwiches with egg/ chicken/ tuna/ beef/ vegetable & cheese2000
Light SnacksClub sandwich with cheese, bacon, chicken/beef - fries3500 - 3000
Light SnacksBrownies ( optional with cream / ice cream )800 - 1100
Light SnacksMiniature pancakes with clotted cream served with maple syrup & pistachio1100
Light SnacksSpinach & cheese pie700
Light SnacksCake of the day1000
Light SnacksToast with peanut butter & strawberry jelly1500
Light SnacksPotato Fries1000
DrinksPasscucci Coffee - Espresso single - Double700-900
DrinksCafe latte1200
DrinksCafe mocha1300
DrinksLong coffee1200
DrinksFlat White1200
DrinksFilter coffee1200
DrinksTurkish / Arabic coffee1000
DrinksIced coffee with / without milk1200
DrinksTea chamomile1000
DrinksGreen Tea1000
DrinksIced tea1000
DrinksMilkshakes chocolates, fresh fruit, oreo, strawberry1800
DrinksHot Chocolate1200
DrinksFresh Fruit juices Lemon, Orange1000
DrinksWater 75 ml bottle400
DrinksSoft drinks , Pepsi, Mirinda, tonic, bitter lemon, soda - lemon optional400 - 550
WineRed Wine Glass - Bottle2000 - 7000
WineWhite wine, Glass - Bottle2000 - 7000
WineRose wine, Glass - Bottle2000 - 7000
Simple Green JuiceFunky beat - apple, beetroot, carrot, orange & celery, Pick me up - carrot, orange, apple, pineapple, lemon & ginger Cleanse intense - kale, pumpkin leaf, lettuce, cucumber, apple, pear & celery Refresh - watermelon, honey dew, mint & cantaloupe Get naked - kale, spinach, sweet, basil, apple, lemon, pineapple & cucumber Helps to get rid of toxins, gives your digestive system a break & increased energy 1150
Simple Green Juice Detox Program3 Days simplicity 5 Days purity 7 Days restore * Need to order in advance to start the detox program20,700 / 34,500 / 48,300
Classes & Other Services OfferedCooking Lesson - Training by our in house chef on any of your favorite dish we serve Piano Classes - Teacher comes to cafe, we provide the piano Painting Classes - Teacher comes to cafe, his artwork displayed in cafe Hausa Classes - The owner herself teaches on weekends. The fee goes to charity English & Italian Classes for beginners Book lovers - books to read Free WiFi for customers You could check our shelves for different gifts items for sale We also do takeaway fresh yogurt & fruit Juices We do booking for parties & business meetings. with customized menu * All the above classes are done on prior appointmentNULL