Vegetarian DishesLentil soup served with bread rolls700
Vegetarian DishesVegetable soup800
Vegetarian DishesCorn soup900
Main CourseBoiled plantain with baril sauce2000
Main CourseCous cous with mushrooms and vegetable sauce2500
Main CourseBoiled sweet potatoes with mixed vegetables sauce2000
SaladBoiled beans salad - Boiled beans, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes1500
SaladVegetarian boil - carrot, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber1200
SaladTomato salad - lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, parsley1000
Nigeria MenuGoat meat pepper soup1500
Nigeria MenuCat fish pepper soup 1200
Nigeria MenuChicken pepper soup1200
Main DishPoundo - with vegetable soup1500
Main DishSemo with okra & ogbono1200
Main DishWheat with equsi1200
Continental Menu BreakfastSea food omelet eggs, mix vegetable, prawns, calamari, toast2500
Continental Menu BreakfastNative fusion yam or plantain, ( boiled or fried ) with corn beef sauce2200
Continental Menu BreakfastBanana french toast scrambled eggs, french toast, fresh fruits2000
Continental Menu BreakfastThe mix grill breakfast , liver or kidney, sausage, eggs, baked beans, potatoes harrah 3000
Continental Menu BreakfastEnglish breakfast eggs, sausage, baked beans, mushroom, toast2000
Continental Menu BreakfastOur continental eggs, sausage, baked beans, mushroom, toast2500
Continental Menu BreakfastHealthy delight breakfast fresh fruit, yogurt, french toast2000
SoupsSeafood soup prawns, fish, calamari, tomatoes, celery leaves2000
SoupsVegetable soup potatoes, carrot, tomatoes, green beans, marrow1500
SoupsShrimps soup Tomatoes, spring onions, garlic, carrot2200
SoupsFish soups fresh tomatoes, celery, chilli pepper2000
SoupsChicken vegetable soup mixed fresh vegetables with chicken1800
SoupsFrench onions soup1700
SoupsCream of chicken soups chicken, cream, croutons1700
Chinese Menu SoupChicken and sour soup2000
Chinese Menu SoupChicken sweetcorn soup2000
Chinese Menu SoupSeafood soup2200
Chinese Menu SoupChicken in noodles soup2000
Chinese Main Chicken MealChicken with black beans sauce4000
Chinese Main Chicken MealChicken with chili garlic sauce4000
Chinese Main Chicken MealChicken with chili sauce4000
Chinese Main Chicken MealChicken with green pepper sauce 4000
Chinese Main Chicken MealChicken with cashew nut4000
Chinese Main Chicken MealChicken with coconut sauce4000
Chinese Prawns MealPrawns in coconut sauce5000
Chinese Prawns MealPrawns with chili sauce5000
Chinese Prawns MealPrawns with green pepper sauce5000
Chinese Prawns MealPrawn with sweet and sour sauce5000
Chinese Prawns MealPrawns with black beans sauce5000
Chinese Fish MealFish with chili sauce4500
Chinese Fish MealFish with curry sauce 4500
Chinese Fish MealFish with black sauce4500
Chinese Fish MealFish with oyster sauce4500
Chinese Fish MealFish with green pepper sauce4500
Chinese Fish MealFish in coconut sauce4500
Chinese Beef MealShredded beef with fried rice & stew4000
Chinese Beef MealBeef with oyster sauce4000
Chinese Beef MealBeef with black beans sauce4000
Rice ChoicesFusion rice , Steamed rice, Chef fried rice , Egg fried rice, Vegetable fried rice.NULL
DessertYogurt and fresh fruits with a dash of honey1500
DessertFluffy pancakes with vanilla ice cream1500
Drink JuicesFresh apple juice1000
Drink JuicesFrench orange juice800
Drink JuicesFresh pineapple juice800
Drink JuicesApple and pineapple1000
Drink JuicesCoconut and pineapple1000
Drink JuicesThe ivy special watermelon, and mint1000
Drink JuicesGood as gold ginger, apple,pineapple1000
Drink JuicesCitrus delight orange, ginger, and pineapple1000
Drink JuicesAnti-aging carrot, ginger, orange and pineapple1500
SmoothiesVanilla bean protein shake banana, berries1500
SmoothiesAlmond, milk, and dates1500
SmoothiesHouse special mint, coconut, pinepple, apple1700
TeaOrganic house tea400
TeaApple in cinnamon500
TeaFresh mint and honey500
TeaArabic tea, dates, milk, cinnamon1000
TeaHouse special coconut and pineapple700
CoffeeEspresso single, double700, 900
CoffeeCafe latte900
CoffeeHot chocolate900
Hot AppetizerLarge mixed finger food plata ( 4 pieces each ) or 3 pieces3500
Hot AppetizerSamosa chicken spring roll, chicken wings vegetable, spring roll, small mix finger food platta ( 3 pieces each )2500
Hot AppetizerSamosa chicken spring roll, mini chicken suya1000
Hot AppetizerMini lamb suya1000
Hot AppetizerSpicy wings1200
Hot AppetizerChef special1500
Hot AppetizerHommos with meat2000
SaladsCrab salad crab sticks, lettuce, carrot, cucumber2200
SaladsAfrican salad lettus, carrot, cabbage, tuna, baked beans, boiled eggs2200
SaladsShrimp salad boiled shrimps, lettuce, pineapple, tomatoes2500
SaladsCeasar salad lettuce, grilled chicken, sweetcorn, crips bread2200
SaladsTabouiet salad parsley, tomatoes, crushed wheat, lemon juice2000
Arays Minced meat stuffed in bread with pastry and mozzarella cheese2000
Arays Shrimps panne shrimps covered in bread2200
KaftaMinced meat, onions, parsley spice, served with special bread2000
KaftaShrimps provience shrimps sauteed in lemon and garlic sauce, served with toast bread2200
SandwichVegetarian sandwich1200
SandwichTurkey / cheese sandwich2000
SandwichChicken club sandwich1200
SandwichChicken panne sandwich1500
SandwichChicken panne / cheese sandwich2000
SandwichTuna club sandwich1200
SandwichShrimp panne sandwich2700
SandwichTurkey / cheese panine2500
BugersBeef burger1700
BugersChicken burger2000
BugersFish burger2200
BugersShrimps burger2200
BugersChicken suya burger2000
Main CourseSpanish ckicken - grilled chicken in tomatoes sauce with green and red pepper, with fried rice or grilled potatoes3000
Main CourseChicken penne breasted chicken deep fried covered with cheese served with french fries or fusion rice3000
Main CourseFish and chips deep fried fish, served with french fries and vegetables3500
Mixed sea food riceShrimps, fish, calamari, rice, carrot, green peas, green and red pepper4000
Main CourseGrilled pepper lamb, served with jollof rice, or boiled potatoes or plantain3500