Justin Bieber’s Backstage Meltdown On His Security Team Caught On Camera.
26 Nov, 2016. \\ Admin

Justin Bieber was the latest celebrity to have a fan give him a scare, but did the incident spin out of control with his security team in Barcelona on Nov. 22?

New photos have surfaced of the 22-year-old getting into a heated argument with his security team after Bieber got into a heap of trouble for punching a male fan in the face, breaking his lip.

An eyewitness said the incident took place around 7:20 p.m. at the Palau Saint Jordi venue. One minute after the bloody mess, Bieber was spotted getting out of his car, exploding on his security team about not protecting him from the young man trying to get into his car.

The eyewitness also noted that Bieber tried sorting out the details with security. Bieber had his driver pull away from the parking lot to watch the crowd acting out of control. Spanish police were later spotted arriving to escort him.

As Radar reported, the “Sorry” crooner was arriving in his car — window rolled down — when excited fans stormed the vehicle and began reaching in the backseat where Bieber was sitting.

One fan was able to touch Bieber’s face, which enraged the singer so badly, he punched him in the face, causing a bloody mess in front of other fans.

"He just punched me," the fan yelled in Spanish, which was all caught on an eyewitness's camera. "I touched his face like and and he went, boom.

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