Mirror-less Camera technology - what you need to know.
1 July, 2016. \\ Admin

If you come across any Pro. Photographer chances are that he or she uses a full frame camera. Full frame means  bigger sensor size and that automatically means expensive and by expensive, i mean far more expensive than the regular entry level DSLRs. Its more expensive because its  tougher in construction and has far more pro features. Take for instance the Canon 5Ds that comes packed with 50.6 million effective pixels which makes it one camera with some of the highest resolution on the full-frame DSLR market. Imagine what you can achieve with all that pixels. It doesn't stop there, the image quality is superb, with fantastic detail, well controlled noise and good dynamic range. Current price of canon 5Ds is more than $3600, now convert that to naira. But trust me, that is really not the issue here. The issue here is Sony DSLR camera's and users sudden demand for them.

Why are more people suddenly buying Sony DSLRs? One of such camera is the Sony Alpha a99 which is full frame and is priced slightly above $3000. We know Sony to dominate the compact camera market and that was ok but suddenly they feel they can compete in the keenly contested full frame DSLR market.

Surprisingly people are buying them. Experts have accused sony DSLR of performing poorly in low light, which is very key for any pro cam. That's not all, Sony's file format and accessories are proprietary which means you might have to wait for updates from software makers before you can edit image shot in raw and also you can't use third part speed light on Sony. That hasn't deterred users from buying Sony so could it be because most Sony DSLR comes with GPS? Is that it? I guess not. I started a little research on this trend till I stumbled on an article that said some users buy Sony cameras hoping to get benefits of mirror less technology in their DSLR. But the truth remains that DSLR technology is very different form mirror less technology.

To be continued.

The Editor.

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