Bukky's birthday dinner featuring chef Fregz and 7 course meal.
31 Jan, 2017. \\ Admin

Hello there. Missed me? I knowwwww! I've missed me too. Haven't posted here in a while. It's been crazy. Trust me you don't even wanna know. How about I make a deal with you all? What if I promise to make at least one post here every month? Fair enough yeah? Then we have a deal.

So today I'll be serving images from a birthday dinner I documented late last year. I decided to bring this one because it was a very different kind of dinner. My client Bukky imported celebrity chef Fregz to Abuja to make a 7 course meal dinner for herself, husband and close friends. I loved the part when chef Fregz had to come out to explain each of the meal after he had served them. It was like a performance. They usually clapped for him when he's done explaining though I doubt they even understand half of what he was talking about. But does it matter? It all sounded very good, rich, exotic and healthy.

For entertainment there was A - Strings and friends and they gave a very memorable live performance. I so wish all birthday dinners would be like this one and thank you so much Bukky for choosing me to document such a special day. Decor was by Lilly's Concept. Enjoy the images and see you all soon.

The Editor.

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