Drugs, Alcohol and Nigerian Parents...
7 July, 2017. \\ Admin

I do not know about you guys, but I grew up in a home where drinking alcohol was a taboo. Yet no one could ever tell me why.

Ponzi Schemes – The Origin and add...
30 May, 2017. \\ Admin

Would you want to risk your money on a system knowing its success rate is bleak and would definitely crash?

Money Matters! By Sammie
8 May, 2017. \\ Admin

So over the last few months, I have learnt that money really does matter. Hear me out, It’s not about getting your happiness

Top 10 RICHEST Female Nigerian Arti...
19 April, 2017. \\ Admin

Estimates are made from their performance/appearance fees, endorsements and music sales and tours. Here is a quick rundown of

6 Professional makeup artist in Abu...
10 April, 2017. \\ Admin

Makeup makes you confident, confidence makes you beautiful and beauty makes you even more confident and respected. When you l

Because consent is important - Samm...
27 March, 2017. \\ Admin

The folks were at work, I don’t remember where everyone else was, but it was pretty much just me at home. This guy then proce

Dear ladies, these are the Abuja Bo...
23 March, 2017. \\ Admin

Note! When your DM gets a positive reply don't fall in love yet, Hollup! We know they are smoking hot but just be calm and in

Are these The Top 10 RICHEST Musici...
16 March, 2017. \\ Admin

Sitting on the top of the list is Africa’s most successful singing duo Psquare. The singers who are from Anambra State Nigeri

5 catch-phrase coming out of Big Br...
11 March, 2017. \\ Admin

Kidney is efe's own way of saying " sense, brain,intellect "or whatever our warri brother is trying to imply

How to identify a typical Abuja Fuc...
28 Feb, 2017. \\ Admin

Any Abuja guy who's not clear about the kinda relationship he wants with you is a typical Abuja FUCK BOY!

How Abuja Runs girls trouble hard w...
23 Feb, 2017. \\ Admin

if you know the owner of this phone tell him to pay me up. We had sex and he doesn't wanna pay". She'd text his mum and dad

Young people and the many things th...
20 Feb, 2017. \\ Admin

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that there are a lot of things young people get into that their parents/guar

How to survive abuja in this recess...
17 Feb, 2017. \\ Admin

Finally on accommodation, if you can't afford an apartment in Maitama or Apo, there are houses in Karu and Zubwa for less. Ge

10 great spots for awesome selfies ...
13 Feb, 2017. \\ Admin

IL Bagno Nigeria is a "everything you need for your home and office" showroom located at Rachel court, Gaduwa district. It of

Dear Abuja men, here are the things...
10 Feb, 2017. \\ Admin

For those of Us that still have our relationship together‎ or in stitches and for those hoping to reconcile with our baby gir

Ten Abuja young Photographers To Wa...
8 Feb, 2017. \\ Admin

It's now a noble profession as people go to schools abroad to study it while spending huge cash to buy cameras! So much goes

Let's Talk Fitness - Sammie
6 Feb, 2017. \\ Admin

Anyways, fast forward to when I got a bit older. I became very conscious of my weight. At first, I just didn’t want to be fat

How to be a sharp Abuja Side Chick
30 Jan, 2017. \\ Admin

Don't give him attitude‎ darling. If you are in one of your moods kindly say something like you are sick or having cramps. Do

Sir Timmy Elegbede is the new life ...
25 Jan, 2017. \\ Admin

Blueink.ng reached out to him to find out what was happening and how it all started and he told us it all started at Nook Gar

Thenet.ng wants these 10 Nigerian a...
23 Jan, 2017. \\ Admin

Who agrees with this list? Who do you think should have been left out and who do you think should have been included? I perso