6 Things I learnt When I Moved To A New Apartment – Sammie .
15 Aug, 2017. \\ Admin

Recently I moved into a new apartment. Very quickly, I learnt a couple of things. The main one being that I hate moving! Like, the stress involved is just plenty and unnecessarily necessary!

However, I did learn other things, and I will share the top 5 things I learnt! I hope this helps someone!

1.    Moving is a great time to get rid of stuff you donot need! I did not do this (for some reason that I don’t know up till now) and I regret not doing that, cause I ended up moving with more things than I needed and had to sort and get rid of them after I moved. So yea, if you are a semi hoarder like me, moving is always a great opportunity to declutter your life. If you have not used it in the last 3-6 months, then maybe you can do without it!

2.    Use big boxes! This minimises how many things you have to move with. Again, I did not do this. I used many small boxes, which was just stress. I had like 6-7 small boxes and honestly all those things could have easily fitted into 2 big boxes at most. It made transporting my stuff quite tedious and gave everyone (myself included) the impression that I had more things than I actually do.

3.    If you do not have boxes, use bin bags (big, strong, leather bags). I know this might sound weird, but it actually works out really well. I will tell you why. Plastic bags are quite flexible so you can fill them up with stuff, especially clothes and just throw them into the back of a car and not have to worry about anything. It is a handy thing to do if you move often.

4.    Unpack as soon as possible. Like, I have been living in this house for almost 2 months and I still have not finished unpacking! I did the major unpacking in the first week, but I lived out of my suitcases for like 3-4 weeks and I still have things that are boxed up. I just had no desire to unpack. In my head, it is stress! So yea, unpack as soon as you can before the “ginger” leaves you and you are stuck living out of suitcases and boxes.

5.    Don’t underestimate how much time and effort you need to pack up, move and unpack. It really takes a lot of energy, mental and physical and it takes time. Especially if you have many things. It is important you do not under estimate it, so you can plan appropriately. In my opinion, it is best to do it over the weekend, or a public holiday to give yourself time to unpack and get relatively settled. Start packing your things as soon as you can. Start by packing away the things you do not use in your everyday life, and things you can do without for a few days. For example, you can pack up most of your kitchen and leave the few utensils you would need for the week.

Finally, I know I said 5, but let me add one last thing! Avoid buying perishables close to your moving time if you can! And if you must, buy them in small quantities! I know you might think, oh, but I do not want to move and start going to buy food, but yo, moving with food is just unnecessary stress, which you should avoid. So if you can avoid moving with food, please do. You do not need that additional wahala!

So yea, those are the few moving tips I have for you! There are lots more, but I’ll stop there for now! I hope this was helpful to someone!

Words by Sammie

The Editor.

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