Dear ladies, these are the Abuja Boys you should probably slide into their DM's - Jennifer Yohana.
23 March, 2017. \\ Admin

As we all know the art of Sliding-in-to-DMs needs mastery and finesse so if you are that hot single lady or maybe the super-sexy-Lady who is not satisfied with her not-so-rich-and-affluent-boyfriend  and needs an upgrade, we'll advice you read books on how to be a Professional  dm slider or even rehearse Yo-gotti's "down in the Dm" before following or even think of sliding into these Hot-bodied-chocolate-dripping-Money-spending Bachelors. We advice that you slide with good intentions only e.g Fast Money & Great sex etc. So that when they break your heart you won't hold us responsible #LOL
Do you understand?

When your DM gets a positive reply don't fall inlove yet, Hollup! We know they are smoking hot but just be calm and interesting, these guys have seen Lotta women so don't think you can play them.

Note! When your DM gets a positive reply don't fall in love yet, Hollup! We know they are smoking hot but just be calm and interesting, these guys have seen Lotta women so don't think you can play games with  them.

•Usman Shagari @iamshagari_
Usman is not only  light skinned and about 6ft tall he has strong arms and a broad chest , talk about a Gym enthusiats. He shuffles between the UK and Abuja which is of course possible because he's father was a former Deputy Governor and has lived all his life in affluence.
(Becareful with this one, he once embarrassed a girl on IG for calling herself his Bae)

•Arafat Bage @bagechuckwu
This hottie graduated from some school in UK also and has since  served his fatherland. He's not only handsome but also a humanitarian. He definitely needs someone to make him smile and if you think You're that girl, slide slide slide.

•Kesiena Oghenetejiri @Kess2343
We really can't decide if his smile is more charming than his dap fashion sense. He's bad and boujee. A perfect example of "Mr steal your girl" and Boy do  we love his instagram. Even though he has several besties we are not sure who exactly the girlfriend is. More reason you should slide and snatch.

In case you're into serious fashion, Tevris is a designer, a personal stylist and creative director. He has clients from Abuja to Lagos and God knows where plus he's smoking hot too. kinda looks like the Rap god A.K.A! If and when you succeed we won't Mind those sexy boy shirts.

Words by Jennifer Yohana

Watch out for 2

The Editor.

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