5 catch-phrase coming out of Big Brother Naija .
11 March, 2017. \\ Admin


Efe might arguably not be the smartest in the big brothers house but I must confess his trending " based on logistics "seems to be making waves and you might even catch one of your favourite celebrity using it.

2."Big Brother man"

We all know her to be the Queen of the diary session. It seems Uriel's true personality is shown when she's in the diary room,but you can never take away the "yo big bropha man"(with her   oyibo accent) away from our miss diary session. Even biggie couldn't stop her from using her catch phrase. The guy (voice) tire for her matter.


I couldn't help but laugh at how kemen became a verb considering the fact that its supposed to be a name. Kemen was disqualified from the big brother house for allegedly attempting to sexually touch a fellow housemate. Abeg hope say nobody go kemen me on account of this?


Don't worry, we are not talking about one of the human body part. Kidney is efe's own way of saying " sense, brain,intellect "or whatever our warri  brother is trying to imply. So when next you hear the word kidney in the house, just know its synonymous to " intellect.


Not everyone knows this but bassey coined the phrase " good stuff". It may not be as prominent as the rest but at least our Buffy Cross River guy has one tagged to his name.

when next u come across some of these words or phrase in the big brothers house, you can be able to relate and don't forget to thank us later.

Words by Eniola Michael

The Editor.

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