Relationship tips for single ladies : How to love and date yourself .
8 Aug, 2016. \\ Admin

Does anyone ever wonder why we are colder and in need of cuddles when single?. It's like Mother Nature knows when to strike and make you miss having a partner and she does so by sending extreme Cold weather conditions to remind you to go seize Bae.

While some people are happy in their relationships others will rather stay single. Those that are single ache for someone to love them immensely and fill the void in their lives. Before you finally decide to jump into a relationship, you better have a purpose or end result so you don't end up jumping out, hurt and lost at a cross road. Like Justin Beiber's  love yourself, someone else said you'll have to have love to give love, and so below are ways to love and date yourself before thinking of loving anybody in return.

_ Buy yourself a Pet: Get yourself a pet, something to keep you company, I've always wanted a Rabbit, kitty or a cub (lion or tiger).  But my kid sister always remind me that am not an American, but I love them and I believe caring for them will open my heart to caring for someone. There's no better way to Learn self-love. Having a pet teaches you about responsibility and caring for another living being which can help when you eventually fall in love.

_ Buy yourself a treat: flowers and chocolates aren't reserved for women in relationships. You can buy yourself a beautiful flower verse to decorate your house, you can buy buckets of chocolates to eat when you're bored, don't be afraid to treat yourself.

_ Dress up: Most people dress up to  go on dates. However you don't have to wait for a guy to ask you out before you look sexy and nice. You can buy that sexy dress, do your makeup and lounge around the house or that nice bar or even go swimming in that body-hugging-daughter-of-Eve's body suit. Of course you should take the advantage of taking sexy selfies. If you're going to go through the trouble of making up you might as well take a few shots .

_ Learn what makes you happy: the point of dating yourself is to learn what makes you happy. Watch new movie genres to see what you like. Visit new places to see what interest you. Try to expand your knowledge of the world in Order to expand your knowledge of yourself.

by Jennifer Yohanna

The Editor.

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