How to be Fashionable 101 by Jennifer yohanna.
13 July, 2016. \\ Admin

The worst thing that will happen to you is not knowing what to wear. Sometimes I'll scan my whole wardrobe aimlessly for something to put on and will wear almost five outfits in the process before finally settling for something am not sure of. We all have that moment when beauty is no longer in the eyes of the beholder but our Mirrors. Looking more fashionable isn't always about wearing the most expensive clothes or the trendiest outfits or even about mastering some complex fashion tricks. Fashion can be elusive and sometimes we feel only those privileged can enjoy it but it's as easy as tucking in a shirt or wearing a sunshade. It's even easier when you try it with confidence and a fashionable wardrobe, so it's best if you try one of these.

_Bring out all your clothes and choose the ones you need. You either sell the rest or give out. Someone might love them more than you ever did. Take out those that fit  or isn't your style and also those items you've not worm in a year, trust me if you haven't worn them in a year you wouldn't miss them. A closet full of clothes that don't fit can be very de-motivating

_Take a very good look in the mirror, pick things about your physical appearance that you like and dislike. Those you want to enhance and disguise, what you want to emphasize and your colors. It's important to know this things before shopping in case you don't know shopping new clothes can be intimidating.

_Know your body type and dress for it. The most coveted fashion items won't look good on you if you don't have the right body type for them. That's why a dress will look good on tall chubby A and looks horrible on tall skinny B and vis a vis. This doesn't mean you are too fat, skinny, short or too tall. You just don't have the optimal shape for that cut. So quickly dispose anything that doesn't fit right now. When you go shopping keep your body type in mind, for most women, it's always ideal to make your waist smaller and your legs longer so choose stylishly.

_Wear something really small with something big, don't wear small/small or big/big together. An oversized shirt with cut-off shorts, a small dress with big hair. Looking fashionable is all about proportions and contrast. Don't only pair big with small but also hard with soft, tight and light also heavy and loose.

_Wear something Chanel. If you want to be stylish you got to play the label game. You could wear anything but those interlocking Cs are a fashionista's win. You could wear other brands but Chanel is the most iconic label there is. A pair of Chanel sunglasses or bangle has more fashion cried than many high end designer bags and will stay stylish long after those bags become passé.

Finally! Side Tuck that shirt, sweater or tank in and watch your fashion cred rise to a 100. Wear sunglasses since they are easier to wear than make up. Your nails should never be under dressed too and wear your cross body bag to the front and show it off! Lastly slap a hat on to create a more defined look just make sure you steer clear from fascinators, that thing doesn't look good on anyone!

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